What is Gurudwara?

The Gurdwara is the Sikh Temple and worship place. Sikhs pray, meditate, listen to scriptures and listen to Kirtan (hymes). The Gurdwara often holds worship events and is open to everyone.

Within the Gurdwara there are 2 main halls. The worship hall and the Langer (food) hall. Within the main worship hall, there is a stage at the front where the Guru Granthsahib (holy book) is placed, and another stage where live music is often played. There is also a room at the side when the scriptures are kept at night.

A beginners guide to visiting the Gurdwara

All are welcome

Everyone is welcome at the Gurdwara. A core part of the Sikh faith is equality and inclusion. We do however ask visitors not be under the influience of alcohol or recreational drugs.

Please remove your shoes and cover your head

When entering the Gurdwara, there will be a place to put your shoes before entering the main hall. Sikhs remove thier shoes out of respect to Wehaguru (God).  Please also wash your hands and feet in the designated sink and foot shower and cover your head before entering the main hall. If you do not have a cloth to cover your head, there are spares available to borrow is a box near the enterance.

Entering the main hall

Please walk quietly down the middle. Silks walk down to the front, bow to Wehaguru, pray and may even walk around the Guru Granthsahib (holy book) before bowing to God again and sitting down. You are welcome to do this, or if you prefer, you may just choose a place to sit. Men typically sit on the left, and woman on the right, although this is not compulsery.

How to sit

At the Gurdwara, everyone sits on the floor (unless you are ubable to do this). This is to promote equality and not distingusih between wealthy and poor people. Most people sit with crossed legs. Please avoid pointing your feet towards the Guru Gransahib (holy book), as this is considered disrespectful.

What about donations?

Donations are not compulsery, however if you wish to donate, no matter how much, there is a place to do this in front of the Guru Gransahib (holy book). All dontations go towards the upkeep of the Gurdwara and to providing Langer (free food for all).

Taking preshard

Preshard is typically a sweet made from wheat, milk and sugar. This sweet has been freshly made and then placed near scriptures before being served. You are welcome to take preshard when served to you (accept it with both hands). When preshard is taken, we remember Wehagruru (God) as we eat it. 

What is Langer?

Langer is a meal that is served at the Gurdwara. This is a vegetarian meal as eating meat is prohibited in Sikhi. It will typically consist chapptti (flat bread), Dhal (spiced lentals), spiced vegetables and rice.  Everyone sits on the floor and has Langer served to them, unless they are unable to do so.  Langer started in the Sikh religeon toprevent hungar of the poor and to promte equality amung people. We ask that no food is wasted in the langer hall. You do not have to take everything offered, but we ask that you do eat what you take.